Elsa Office Furniture Manufacturing Industry Ind., Since 1996 Office Furniture and Decoration Regarding Our Service. Our company is manufacturing from within the founding team consists of professionals that have proven expertise in manufacturing and design details.

Furniture production is carried out at every stage in our side and in our own plant control expert staff.

Büro mobilyaları, makam takımları, makam masaları, çalışma masaları

Office Furniture industry’s leading company, ELSA, faithful to the promise artisan spirit, has committed to work with professional applications, aimed timely product delivery and better service issues.

Our company is working hard since the day it serves, honest and dedicated entrepreneurs with together as having a proven and quality customer potential with many innovations and achievements, many companies in this sector is located to continue to be the example.

Our industry trying to sell the market spotlight products, customers see as a source of earning money, facing the commercial aspects of the only business not the creativity, free shipping deyipd more months of waiting and that has paid the cost of shipping various games, selling Chinese goods rash and carcinogenic goods to gain 10 pounds, constantly changing name, We are not the company.

Ofis mobilyaları, yönetici masası, büro masaları, ofis masalarıSo do not write rates to our website. Because the sale of office furniture products in the market is impossible and wrong. You appreciate that your location based on the business-to-measure furniture and design principles that you use and will not disrupt the quality and motivation of your business for years should be the maximum level of use. Since our valued customers with the emphasis on quality and service business are aware of this fact. Therefore, these companies sell spot product, they’re going erased over time.

For each period has been giving importance to business in the furniture industry we have. According to your place of production, quality and cost-effectiveness stylish models.

Office furniture quality executive office desks from factory work, affordable seats, ergonomic mesh office chairs, furniture for a call center and call center products, modern office furniture production. Our company offers the best quality office furniture products sold since 1996, the most affordable price.

Çağrı merkezi mobilyaları, call center masaları, seperasyon, panel sistemleriCall equipped with noise insulation panel for the acoustic panel to decide without our center table. Vision will save your company manufactures office furniture carefully whether our products are delivered to your place of turnkey. Our products are ergonomic mesh seat structure to adapt to the body will put an end to your back pain. To create a stylish environment of our products in your office mesh office chair mesh executive chair, mesh work chair, mesh meeting chair, mesh design armchairs and sofas are products of the call center furniture group.

We love our job and we are doing well. We’re always just a phone. Seeking Everything Else available in Office Furniture. We wish you good luck earnings.

Istanbul Region Dealer of:

Konfull Products
Kenzel Products
Casella Products
Burosit Products

Novasit Turkey distributor of Mesh Chairs

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